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Monday, September 20, 2004

An early "Webbing" post

One of the people I was able to contact for my project is a wildlife rehabilitator who lives about 12 miles from me. I sent her some questions and we've been emailing back and forth as I think up more questions! She rescued an owl last fall and a picture is attached in the next post because I edited this one and somehow managed to mess up the picture. I have also heard back from Bev in British Columbia who is with O.W.L. She said this morning that of the 12 breeds that inhabit BC, a burrowing owl is the only one they haven't rehabilitated in some way. She mentioned owl boxes also so I asked her if she thought it was best to put them on poles or in trees. (An online article I read yesterday suggested that they will be used more if they are put up on poles.) My friend Diane also sent me an article from Nature magazine about a study being conducted in Florida with burrowing owls who use cow dung to attract dung beetles to their burrows! Tool use in raptors!! There's an email address so I'm going to give them a try, too. I searched Marco Polo using "raptor rehabilitation" and found a good article from National Geographic on barn owls. I also found a lesson plan using the video "Birds of Prey". I am borrowing that from Wabash Valley Education Center along with several others this Friday. Marco Polo is wonderful because it's standards-based. Searching today using "owl captive breeding" to look for other programs. Discovering that most of the "owls as pets" problems are in the UK because they don't have laws against keeping raptors as pets like we do here. I may try to go to the zoo in Indianapolis next Friday with the digital camera.Posted by Hello


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